Do more deep work

  • Push a button, start working
  • Made for sole founders and entrepreneurs
  • Accountability beats any "productivity hack"

“For an individual focused on his or her own deep work habit, there's likely no team to meet with, but this doesn't exempt you from the need for regular accountability.”

Cal Newport, in his book Deep Work

Working on your own thing?

Indie hackers, digital nomads, solo founders, bootstrappers, side project builders: This is for you.

Problem 01

Are you doing enough deep work?

The number one question you should be asking yourself is: Are you doing enough hours of deep work? If you start to measure it, you'll be surprised.

Problem 02

Changing projects too easily

Side projects succeed when you stick with it for longer than you'd like to. But, abandoning something that isn't working is also an optimal move. Tracking it helps.

Problem 03


How often have you yielded to the urge to open a new tab and go on YouTube, Reddit, check your email, or browse Twitter "productively"? You need an external motivation.


When you have a trusted, respected friend keeping you accountable, it's motivation on tap. Most "productivity hacks" taper off. But you're simply not going to lie to your mate.

Frictionless solution

You don't need another app to distract you. This isn't another site to just get lost in the sea of tabs. It's a constant, metal reminder on your desk.

Visualise your time

Your time is your most valuable asset. You've probably heard that before. So why aren't you measuring how well you're using it? See the real trend of how you spend your days, at a glance.

Things you’ll learn

The most valuable part of our service is the process that you'll learn. It's not just the hardware device. It's the hardware + the website + the app + the process coming together.

Set and stick to a goal to do more deep work

How to recruit a friend to become an elephant

Solve the distraction problem

Use accountability to follow through on your projects

Prioritise what you spend your time on, and measure it.

Build the habit of reviewing and reflecting, with data.

Watch the overview video

Learn how it works, and why. The video goes for 2 minutes.

Early Reviews

These reviews are from the handful of early beta users, before the method was proven. Thankyou, believers.

I love tracking my time with it. It's currently a little on the chunky side, I can't wait for the sleek post-beta device.

A/V Tech & Sales

“I'm a bit biased, but, I measurably doubled the amount of deep work that I do in a week!


“I've cut down on distractions more than I expected. My vimrc is a shambles but git commits are way up.”

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About the maker

Photo of Andrew Clapham

Andrew Clapham

Hey! My name is Andrew and I'm a tech founder based in Australia. I've founded successful businesses since I was seventeen.

I'm a software guy, but starting a hardware project has meant I've picked up: circuit board design, CAD, a soldering iron, firmware, sourcing parts etc. Surprising but common opinions include: You should learn to speak Chinese. Drugs are bad (alcohol, caffeine). A computer could simulate every aspect of your brain.

You should email me and say hi.


Contact me directly if you want to order devices for your whole team.



Billed once

Hardware device: $199

Service: Free

How does the device work?

You push one of the buttons to start or stop Deep Work, Gym, etc. The device is linked to your phone, and your time entries get shared with your mate in Slack / Telegram, and on a calendar.

Can I use it on my own?

Yes! It's a frictionless way to track + measuring your own time. I suggest that you start with it on your own, and then add a mate when you want to. The magic happens when you add a mate ✨

What about integrations?

Currently a mate can join you on Slack or Telegram. Email in your integration request and we'll probably build it. There are also webhooks, so hack away!

What about support?

I provide phone support, and you're most welcome to email me at andrew (at)

Do more deep work

Deep Work Mate is a hardware device and proven process that helps two mates keep each other accountable, and do more deep work.